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Kreation Music is excited to be partnering with the following artists!

Cassie Midgley


Cassie Midgley is classically trained soprano with a wide range from musical theatre to grand opera!

She has a bit of a flare for the dramatic.

You can check out her Facebook page here! 

High Altitude Harmony


Formed in 2008, High Altitude Harmony (HAH) is a group of Toowoomba-based men who sing a cappella, four-part harmony.  HAH members come from all walks of life and we feel that this, along with our camaraderie and a quest for high quality singing performances, are our greatest strengths. You can find more information here!



Toowoomba Muicipal Band

The Toowoomba Municipal Band is Toowoomba's oldest and only competing Brass Band. Affectionately known as "Munie", their aim is to reach out to their audience by supporting community events; to connect and partner with regional music organisations and to encourage, support and grow the musical talents of members while pursuing the enjoyment of making music together. You can find more information here!

TMB Logo.png

Handbell Ensemble + Bell'Amore

Toowoombells is a community group of musicians in Toowoomba who have discovered the art of handbell ringing amidst the global pandemic. Bell'Amore is a small Handbells ensemble under Toowoombells. Visit their Facebook page at: Toowoombells!

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